Friday, December 18, 2009


Dude...have u heard about AURA???'s true, the aura is generated by energy..and the energy is generated by our breath. Hahaha...i know, someone will think that am mad. But i have do my own research about this. I have seen by myself an old Guru/Sifu of SILAT use his energy to heal someone, and the energy which we converted to aura can be use to heal people which is posses by devil.

Well...the concept of aura in silat is same like Kungfu and any others martial art, its also has a added value which include religion in it. Yeah, because from what i seen and research, every martial art has its own philosophy and idea which hold the disicpline in the area martial art.

On the next post, i'll tell you the example of martial art in Malaysia that use the energy in our body to create aura and thus can be use for GOOD... ;-)

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