Thursday, December 24, 2009

How To Identified Your Inner Power

All of this way, we're talking about martial art and inner power. So what is our inner power and how we can identified it? Actually it's not soo difficult, you remember when you sleep but suddenly you get up?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Step by Step to Practice Martial Art and Inner Power inside US!!!

Now, we came to the topic which is what,when and which question of martial art and inner power:
What is the step by step and guidance that should be follow to boost up our inner power(martial art and inner power)?

When we should practice the concept of martial art and inner power, meaning what's the best time to practice?

Which practices will effect which part of inside our spirit or body in the concept of martial art and inner power?

For the first question of martial art and inner power:
Steps by steps are:
1)Close both of your eyes.
2)Forget anything and concentrate your mind to not to think of anything.
3)Take breath from mouth until the maximum.
4)Closed your mouth.
5)Hold your breath.
6)Count to 11 and release your breath slowly from your nose.
You should do this until you getting sweat and feel tired. After that you can take a rest and that's enough for that day. Do the exercise everyday, in the same time and try to not miss it.

For the second question of martial art and inner power:
You should do the exercise alone at midnight. Where everyone has asleep. :-) TRY TO FEEL YOUR INNER POWER GOIN OUT FROM YOUR BODY!!!

For the third question of martial art and inner power:
This take a little bit of practices. You need to imagane and concentrate your energy and flow the energy at every part of your body. Until you feel the power, imagane this while you do the steps by steps instruction.

For the next post, i'll show you the picture of energy which flow inside our heart and that will give a positif charger to our spirit. See yaa soon...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Martial Art and Inner Power Discipline in Malaysia

Budi Suci Sejati is one of the martial art that practice inner power. This Martial Art and Inner Power combine what i said on my previous post which is physical and inner power. Using an air and breath to produce a great energy inside our body and the energy then can be use for other good reason.

This energy also known as AURA...or CHAKRA...depend on what you believe. From my research, anyone who practices this disipline will have the ability to feel the energy on their hand. Especialy when you try to close your right hand to your left. Martial art and inner power is a good combination for anyone who seek for the perfect self defend technique.

But for safety reason, this type of art should be learn by experience martial art practicer because if we miss used it, it will return back a big disaster to the practicer. People who learn this martial art and inner power must have a good quality inside themself. ;-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Now we talk about type of inner power in our self, yeah...Martial Art and Inner Power is actually depend on us. If we want to be secure physicaly, we should now the phsycal part which is martial art. But in the other hand, if we talk about secure our spirit, we should start to think about INNER POWER...

Yeah...absolutely...because, we are getting old and old. So...our physical energy keep decreasing from time to time. Meaning when we get old, our energy are not same as we were young.

So why not we start to learn about our inner energy now???!! Yeah, as i describe early, we can use this so called inner power/energy to secure our spirit from others threat(i mean devil or similiar that). But, what we don't know, we can actualy use that inner energy to protect us from physical threats. From our enemy and all others things like animal and soo on... As long as the things will give us bad impact, our inside or inner power/energy will be generated to prevent us from any damage.


So...i'll describe you a type of energy that people can use. This information i get from doing a research, asking eldest and also guru in this inner power field. Especially SILAT...

2) From ANGEL (Which is also a GOOD SOURCE FROM GOD);
3) From JINNY (Which is NOT GOOD because Jinny always lie and make people feel BAD); and
4) From DEVIL (Which is VERY-VERY NOT GOOD because DEVIL always want to make people suffer.

Soo...depend to you, what kind of inner power that u want to USE... :-)

Before this at my previous post, I've told you guys about the example of martial art and inner power discipline which has this soo called inner power practice. Hahaha...I'll share with you on my next post because i think i need to gather a nice information soo you will get interest when you READ IT!!! ;-)