Monday, December 21, 2009

Martial Art and Inner Power Discipline in Malaysia

Budi Suci Sejati is one of the martial art that practice inner power. This Martial Art and Inner Power combine what i said on my previous post which is physical and inner power. Using an air and breath to produce a great energy inside our body and the energy then can be use for other good reason.

This energy also known as AURA...or CHAKRA...depend on what you believe. From my research, anyone who practices this disipline will have the ability to feel the energy on their hand. Especialy when you try to close your right hand to your left. Martial art and inner power is a good combination for anyone who seek for the perfect self defend technique.

But for safety reason, this type of art should be learn by experience martial art practicer because if we miss used it, it will return back a big disaster to the practicer. People who learn this martial art and inner power must have a good quality inside themself. ;-)

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