Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Soul Separate, Aura Will Get Bigger

Today I received a message from my friend, he told me about his exprience in inner power practices at 12.00 p.m yesterday.U know what, he told me when he doing his meditation, his soul went out from his body...huh!!!afraid isn't it....hehehe.yup...this is an ordinary experiences when u do a practices ( inner power practices ) like this.First u will feel dizzy, U will having an illution..So...from time to time your soul will be sepaate from your body.When this happened, U can go anywhere in the world.hehehe save your money to travel.

Well...This maybe are not familiar by some of our friends, but in my places, especially to my friends in inner power club,this is not something that unusual to happen.Do you guy have any expriencies about this inner power cabapilities?????....SHARE WITH US AND SENT YOUR COMMENTS...

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