Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wait mom...this is GOOD....hehehe

This is the maganize in my country Malaysia that stories about martial art such as silat, tae kwan do, karate, silambam, kalaripayat and many more. Are u a martial art and inner power maniac???....hehehe i hope so cause in this cute blog I will share my exprience about inner power, martial art and whether it will give a good benefit to us as a practices.hehehe...If u have any question or comment about his blog and how to improve it to attract more people to view it, juts sent me and email or leave a comment so I will improve it form time to time.
U know mom used to told me and remind me about this all stuff....especially about inner power..I think she afraid me to be un normal person...or another suitable word MAD...hehehe.So what about u??? I'm sure not all people will accpect about this facts...about this concept of inner power.
Yesterday i got this book, named "Know ur soul"... WOW!!!!! its seems soo great to hear rite...but I think I should take a few days,or weeks or even a month to try to understand it 100%..But this remind me my experience meet with an old guy person which had lot of knowledfe about this kind of things. He told me, this inner kind of stuff is not about how many books or storied we read or hear but it is all about what we understand, understand with practical and exprience it with our own self...yup...this is the rite way to be doin it. Untill see u all next time..and don't forget to check my blog for any update. :D

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